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It’s Plunge time again!! Yes, it’s time for “Freezin’ for a Reason”

posted 18 Jan 2016, 07:38 by Aurora Ontario   [ updated 18 Feb 2016, 05:32 ]

SOO-Aurora Polar Plunge Challenge

Dunks versus Ducks Plungers

Braving the icy waters of the Polar Plunge to raise funds for Special Olympics
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It’s time again for the annual Polar Plunge Fundraiser. This event sees plungers dippy into the icy mid winter waters in an effort to raise funds for Special Olympics. Please consider sponsoring one of SOO-Aurora’s participants, as a percentage of funds pledged for these individuals comes back to our local community.

To up the fun, we have a friendly rivalry of Dunks vs Ducks plungers

To see which team can raise the most funds. Dunks are plunging in Georgina on Feb 6th. Ducks are plunging in Mississauga on Feb 27th. (The PRP Association- 10675 Mississauga Road, Brampton)  ALL are welcome to come out and cheer the plungers on.

Please ask your friends and family to support the 1st Annual SOO-Aurora Plunger Challenge:

For this challenge:

Basketball, Softball, and Bocce Teams are encouraged to support Karen and Dan (plunging Feb 6th in Georgina)

Swimming, Rhythmic Gymnastics/Martial Gym, and Golf Teams are encouraged to support Sue and Nancy (plunging Feb 27th in Mississauga)

Which team can raise the most funds for SOO?
A portion of funds raised comes back to SOO-Aurora so please help promote and support this event.

Everyone is welcome to come out and cheer on our plungers, and participate in the many activities that are taking place the day of the plunge.
For more detail on the event, and to pledge your donation for one or more of the plungers: http://www.polarplunge.ca/ or Contact Community Coordinator Janet Mitchell if you have any questions at: aurora.coordinator@specialolympicsontario.ca