Portraits of Giving Event (2018)by Merk Photography

Portraits of Giving is committed to celebrating York Region Leaders and individuals who demonstrate Social Responsibility. The annual initiative celebrates and inspires our community across York Region municipalities to “keep on giving.”

​As the name suggests, Portraits of Giving is about giving, through leadership and inspiration. POG celebrates awarded honourees through a community tour in each respective town with a reception and photographic exhibit to capture the individual with a personalized portrait and story of the recipient’s philanthropic giving.  2018 will mark its ninth year of giving, celebrating individuals and raising awareness and resources for several charitable causes.  This year will also introduce new categories and celebrate the largest number of community leaders and individuals who exemplify the act of giving.

As of this year, we will have celebrated 87 honourees and charitable organizations through their Portraits of Giving stories over the past nine years.

​Our goal has always been and continues to be:

To inspire our community about the importance and impact of social responsibility in our York Region community.